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Ready to Get Inspired?

I’m a dreamer and I’ve always been one. 🌃 One thing has changed, though: I don’t want to keep hope to myself only. I want to spread it – share it with those too...


Depression First Aid

Hi! I’m Catalina. Innie by nature, introvert advocate by choice. I’m a dreamer. My heart has always and will always find the ability to hope.💓 I love transmitting this energy, this idea that we...

Introverts Struggles 2

Introverts’ Struggles and Solutions

If you’re an introvert, you’ve probably googled “introverts struggles” at some point in your life. More than extroverts, we want to feel understood and what better way do you know, besides discovering relatable quotes...


How to Slightly Fake Extroversion

My most appreciated articles are those on introversion. To be honest, this is great news.🤩 You like introverts-related posts, I love creating them. Win-win!🙌 (If this is not your cup of tea personally, please...

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