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Introvert on the Bus – Starter Pack

Most introverts have their little -sometimes unjustified- fears: from the idea of public embarrassment to small talk and crowded places.😳 No wonder riding the bus feels like an adventure.  But don’t worry, fellow introvert!...

How to get your motivation back 0

How to Get Your Motivation Back

Once you find a goal, you get that boost of excitement. 🤩 Out of a sudden you turn into a workaholic. You advance. Slowly but surely. Some people encourage you. Some don’t. You’re satisfied… until...


Tips for Introverts

Hi there, fellow introvert! 💙  Welcome to my blog! 🌃 Are you searching for some content that will change your life completely? 🤔 Are you interested in finding ways to turn yourself into an extroverted little beam?...

Sunny Beach Impressions 2

Sunny Beach Impressions

For the past three years, Bulgaria has been a dreamy destination for us. 😍 Although Romania and Bulgaria share the same sea, I personally find it a little bit more exotic in Bulgaria. 😊 I should...

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